Root Canal (Endodontics)

Endodontics In Northwest Las Vegas For An Abscessed Tooth

find toothache relief with a root canal in Providence NV and Centennial NV
Our Northwest Las Vegas dentists provide endodontics to their patients, including root canals, to ensure that they enjoy optimal comfort in their daily lives. Many patients think root canal therapy sounds scary, but it is actually extremely beneficial and more comfortable than it is often thought to be.

Endodontics can save your teeth from falling out, which will prevent you from needing to get dental implants or dental bridges for tooth replacement. Your qualified endodontist can relieve all of the pain that comes with a damaged tooth, so that you can get back to your enjoyable and productive life.

Root Canal

The center of your tooth, where all of the blood vessels and nerves are contained, is known as the pulp. Sometimes, a pulp can become infected due to physical trauma, deep decay, or cracks and chips. When a pulp becomes infected, you may see:

  • Visible swelling around the tooth
  • Heightened sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Regular and painful toothaches

endodontist Northwest Las Vegas for root canals Providence NVThe symptoms of a damaged pulp are frustrating and uncomfortable. A damaged pulp can eventually lead to an abscessed tooth, which means even more pain and dental work. Luckily, your endodontist can easily remove the pulp with a root canal. The dentist will remove the damaged pulp, clean out the canals, and seal the tooth.


Your endodontist in Northwest Las Vegas can also perform an apicoectomy if the infection proceeds or will not resolve after a root canal. They can help you to avoid an abscessed tooth with this root-end filling. They will remove the tooth’s root tip, then fill and seal the area.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of a damaged pulp, it’s time to check in with a reliable endodontist. You can restore your comfort and eliminate concern about an abscessed tooth with endodontics in Northwest Las Vegas. Call into Providence Dental today to schedule your appointment if you are in the Providence NV – Centennial Hills NV area!

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