Be Glad For Our X-Ray Vision

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At Providence Dental in Las Vegas, we know it isn’t very  comfortable. You have to put on the heavy apron, hold an awkward piece of film in your mouth and sit really, really still while a dental assistant takes X-rays. Is it really required for your dental health? Absolutely! No question about it.

No dentist can see everything that is going on with your teeth, bone, and surrounding tissue without X-rays.

What Hidden Problems Do Dental X-rays Detect?

  • Cavities below existing bridgework, crowns, or other restorations
  • Abscesses, cysts, and infections
  • Cavities between teeth just beneath where adjacent teeth touch (interproximal cavities)
  • The position of wisdom teeth

How Often Should X-rays Be Taken?
This depends on the patient. Someone with no history of tooth decay, no present tooth decay, no braces, and no existing crowns, veneers, or bridgework is at low risk for cavities. A high-risk patient is in the opposite situation and may have one or more of the following: previous dental caries, existing restorations, braces, worn-away enamel, chipped or cracked teeth. In addition, patients with an eating disorder or other medical condition may be considered high risk. People who haven’t had their wisdom teeth extracted also need to be followed with X-rays more frequently.

At Providence Dental in North Las Vegas, we do everything necessary for the dental health of our patients. Our services include general and pediatric dentistry. Schedule your next appointment today.

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