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Ask yourself—Are you proud of your smile? Do you love the color, shape, and alignment of your teeth? Do you have any imperfections that need to be fixed? Our cosmetic dentistry services in Northwest Las Vegas can give you the straight, attractive smile that you want. Cosmetic dentistry can fix every flaw you can think of and give you the perfect grin you’ve always dreamed of sharing. A beautiful smile will make others remember you and perceive you as healthier and happier. A perfect smile will assist you in your personal, business, and social life.

Some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer include:

Tooth Whitening

Tooth staining is a normal effect of eating, drinking, and aging. Our cosmetic dentists offer teeth whitening for his patients so that they can brighten dull teeth and enjoy a stunningly white smile again. If you want a comfortable, quick, and effective whitening experience, consult with your dental professional today.

“I have to say this is one of the best dental offices I’ve ever been to. Caring, relaxing and EXTREMLY professional. My entire family of 6 ages 4 to 44 receive services here.”

-Nicole C.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells that are made of tooth-colored material. Your cosmetic dentist can bond the dental veneers to the fronts of teeth that have imperfections like cracks, chips, and discoloration. Our veneers can improve almost any tooth’s appearance. Veneers can fix lots of different issues, including everything from gaps between the teeth to misshapen teeth, so that you can have a perfect smile that will last a lifetime.

cosmetic dentistry for a perfect smile Northwest Las Vegas and Providence NVBraces

If your teeth are crowded and crooked, your cosmetic dentist can give you a straight celebrity smile with braces. Over the years, braces have become smaller and less bulky so that they are easier to wear. After a few months of wearing our traditional braces, you will see a big difference in your overall look. You can also adjust a bad bite with braces for more comfortable chewing and biting.

We provide all of these cosmetic services and more. We know that cosmetic dentistry with our dentists can enhance your life and give you the perfect smile. Call us at Providence Dental in Northwest Las Vegas today to schedule a smile consultation if you are in the Providence NV – Centennial Hills NV area!

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