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get dental surgery from our oral surgeon in Providence NV
Our dental team won’t send you away to a specialist for more intensive dental work. If you need dental surgery for a healthier or more appealing smile, you can stick with us at Providence Dental. Our qualified oral surgeon in Northwest Las Vegas can perform wisdom teeth removal and other oral surgeries.

Dental surgery may sound scary, but we strive to make your experience as effective and as relaxing as possible. Through oral surgery at Providence Dental near Providence NV in Northwest Las Vegas, you can benefit from dramatic changes in your comfort and appearance without having to find an outside specialist. Dental surgery can be a permanent fix for even the trickiest or most severe problems.

Bone Grafts and Other Dental Surgeries

get oral surgery from our dentist in North Las VegasSometimes, the jawbone can deteriorate, usually due to missing teeth. When there is low bone volume in the jaw, it becomes difficult to perform various dental procedures, especially placing dental implants.

If you are seeking a complete and perfect smile, a bone graft may be the first step. During a bone graft, your oral surgeon will place new bone or replacement bone into the deteriorated parts of the jaw. A bone graft will do a lot to advance the overall health and function of your mouth.

Of course, we also provide oral surgery for those who are suffering from disease or injury in the head, neck, face, or jaw.

Are you suffering from the effects of:

  • TMJ disorder
  • A car accident or other tragedy that caused oral damage
  • Severe gum disease
  • Any other severe oral trauma or oral issue?

If so, we can quickly help with oral surgery.

Oral Surgery in Northwest, Las Vegas

We have the advanced technology and tools to improve the function and appearance of your face and jaw. Oral surgery can quickly remedy broken facial bones, bone deterioration, overbite, and more.

If you are interested in wisdom teeth removal, bone grafts, or other oral surgeries, give us a call at Providence Dental in Northwest Las Vegas today. Our excellent oral surgeon can tell you more about how we can help you if you are in the Providence NV – Centennial Hills NV area!

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