Get Straight Teeth With Braces In Northwest Las Vegas

braces from an orthodontist in Northwest Las Vegas and Providence NV
Orthodontics will give you a straight, perfectly aligned smile. In turn, your straight teeth will give you confidence in your overall appearance. A well-aligned smile also means a more functional bite, making chewing, biting, and speaking as easy as possible. At Providence Dental near Providence NV in Northwest Las Vegas, our orthodontist provides braces so that our patients can enjoy the comfort, function, and beauty associated with perfectly straight teeth.

How Do Braces Work?

We provide orthodontics in the form of traditional braces.

  • Braces consist of brackets, archwires, and elastics. A metal bracket is bonded to each tooth, and the archwire runs through each bracket. The archwire is a thin metal wire, and our orthodontist adjusts it to put pressure on the teeth, causing them to move.
  • Elastics are the ties that hold the archwire to the brackets. You can change the color of your elastics at every appointment to suit your current look.
  • Every few weeks, you will return to your orthodontist so that they can adjust the pressure on the archwire so that your teeth can slowly slide into their perfect positions. They may also give you rubber bands, which attach to the small hooks on the brackets, to speed up the smile perfecting process.

The Benefits of Providence Braces

Some of the benefits of our traditional orthodontics include:

  • orthodontics for straight teeth Northwest Las Vegas dentist Centennial Hills Las VegasLess Bulk | The braces we provide are smaller, flatter, and less noticeable than the old, bulky version of traditional braces. Our orthodontics also provide greater comfort than earlier braces models.

  • Guaranteed Results | Sometimes, removing and replacing your orthodontics makes the straightening process longer and more difficult. It can be tough to remember to put your braces back in every time you eat. With traditional braces, your teeth are moving 24/7—you can’t slow down the process by removing them.

  • Set Worries Aside | With traditional braces, you can set your worries aside–not your orthodontics. The orthodontics that involve removable trays can easily be lost or misplaced, forcing you to pay for a new set. You cannot lose your traditional braces.

We have developed a website dedicated to orthodontics, providenceorthodontics.com, to answer more of your questions, such as:

Orthodontics are a great way to achieve a higher self-confidence and even, straight teeth. Call us today at Providence Dental in Northwest Las Vegas to schedule your consultation with our orthodontist if you are in the Providence NV – Centennial Hills NV area!

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