Dental Breakthroughs On The Horizon

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At Providence Dental, we use the latest validated dental technology to provide our patients with quality general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. In addition, our dentists keep tabs on the latest research that is propelling the industry forward.

Here are some of the intriguing dental technologies currently being analyzed and tested:

Fill and Heal: Bioactive Glass
A new type of filling created from ‘bioactive glass’ has been shown to increase the life of fillings by restricting secondary decay and replacing lost minerals.

“Bioactive glass, which is a type of crushed glass that is able to interact with the body, has been used in some types of bone healing for decades. This type of glass is only beginning to see use in dentistry, and our research shows it may be very promising for tooth fillings.” – Jamie Kruzic, professor of advanced structural and biomaterials at the Oregon State University College of Engineering

Stem cell regenerative medicine is poised to furnish a multitude of exciting discoveries in dentistry.

A research team from the University of Nottingham and Harvard University is applying stem cell technology to dentistry with the development of stem-cell based biomaterials that regenerate tooth dentin. The objective is to use them in fillings and root canals to save and regenerate tooth structure. The research is in its early stages, but this technology could one day help preserve millions of smiles for individuals worldwide.

3D Printing
3D printing is already being used in some dental offices to fabricate aligners, retainers, drilling guides for implant placement, and extremely accurate models for restorations. As the printers become faster and less pricey, you will be seeing them in more Nevada  dental offices.

Technology has its place, but experience, expertise, and a warm and attentive chairside manner are just as vital. The dentists at Providence Dental invite you to enjoy the difference at our comfortable dental office. We provide many services, including family and pediatric dentistry. Call today to make an appointment.

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Why a Water Flosser Might be a Good Idea

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Today, we’re discussing the water flosser, also known as interdental cleaner, interdental irrigator, or water jet, a tool favored by the dentist at Providence Dental.

The first water-shooting device for cleaning between teeth was created in the early 1960’s by Colorado dentist Dr. Gerald Moyer and John Mattingly, a hydraulics engineer. The instrument is now known by the brand name Waterpik, though many people use the term generically. Since its conception, numerous other companies have entered the market with similar products. (Note: Providence Dental does not necessarily endorse any particular brand.)

A water irrigation gadget oscillates a stream of water through a small, targeted tube to shoot out particles of food and plaque from around and between teeth. To use it, you place the tube into your mouth, turn it on, and then lean over the sink with your mouth slightly open to let the water dribble out as you direct the stream of shooting water around the gumline, pausing momentarily at each gap between adjacent teeth.

There have been over 65 studies that have substantiated the safety and efficacy of water flossing for calculus reduction, plaque biofilm removal, bleeding reduction, inflammation reduction, and gingivitis care.

Should I Use a Water Flosser?
If you don’t floss at all, absolutely. If you have periodontitis, maybe. It may also help you keep your teeth and gums healthy if you have orthodontia.

First, communicate with us to receive an oral care treatment plan that factors in your tooth and gum health, physical dexterity, and lifestyle. The following elements may impact whether or not we advise you to use an interdental irrigation device.

  • Braces or other orthodontic appliances
  • A physical impairment that reduces ability to brush and/or floss
  • Periodontal disease
  • Gums that bleed when flossing
  • Bleeding around dental implants when flossing
  • Aversion to flossing
  • Sensitive teeth

The team at Providence Dental in Las Vegas would love to help you learn the best suited processes for keeping your gums pink and healthy and firmly attached to cavity-free teeth. We provide family and cosmetic dentistry. Make an appointment with us today.

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Amazing Dental Implants in Providence NV

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental implants are the best permanent tooth replacement option available in Providence NV and the surrounding community.

It hasn’t always been that way, but the technology has greatly improved in the last few decades. What once sounded futuristic is considered mainstream dentistry.

A dental implant is a metal rod (usually titanium) implanted into the patient’s jaw. A crown and supporting structure are securely and permanently attached to the rod. Titanium is very strong and extremely well tolerated by the human body. There are very few instances of rejection.

Dental implants are a long-term solution to tooth loss. Are you a good candidate for tooth implant surgery?

Age is rarely a factor in whether a patient is a viable candidate for a dental implant. But because it is anchored to the jaw bone, it is essential that you have enough healthy bone at the implant site.

There are a few medical issues that may come into play. These include diabetes, osteoporosis, radiation therapy for cancer, parathyroid disorders, bone disorders and leukemia. The presence of one or more of these conditions does not necessarily rule you out as an implant candidate. We’ll discuss all relevant issues during your implant consultation.

Call Providence Dental in Las Vegas NV to set up an implant consultation. We also provide cosmetic dentistry, as well as family dentistry, including pediatric dental services.

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Lasering In On Precision Dentistry

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The powerful, precise, highly-concentrated beam of light initially known as Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) is so ubiquitous that the acronym has now been relegated to lower case.

Lasers are used in everything from weapons to barcode scanners. They have increased efficiency and advanced technology in numerous industries such as communications, manufacturing, and virtually every branch of science. Today’s post focuses on how lasers have impacted dentistry.

Lasers are now used in many cutting-edge Nevada dental practices for a broad range of procedures. Lasers allow dentists to be extremely precise when working on both tooth and gum tissue.

Dentists use lasers to:

  • Remove decay while preserving more intact tooth material
  • Firmly attach bonding material to a tooth
  • Remove oral lesions or obtain tissue for biopsies
  • Reshape receded gums
  • Eliminate bacteria while performing root canals
  • Increase the effectiveness of tooth whitening agents

Dental patients benefit with:

  • Fewer stitches – some surgical procedures require no sutures when a laser is used
  • Faster healing
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Decreased damage to surrounding tissue/bone
  • Less pain – eliminates the need for anesthesia in many procedures

Steven Do, DDS, employs advanced dental technology with seasoned know-how to serve our valued patients. At Providence Dental, we believe that every man, woman, and child deserves a beautiful smile and a lifetime of oral health.

For questions about laser dentistry, family and pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or dental implants, call 702-852-2244 today to schedule a consultation at Providence Dental in Las Vegas. We are located at 7181 N Hualapai Way Ste 105.


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